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Business description 


1: Production

1-1: Strawberry 

1-1-1: Production of Japanese Ichigo( 5 varieties of strawberry) in1000㎡×10 greenhouses, (renovation of 40 years old glasshouses)


1-1-2: Strawberry production in 1500m2 hanging greenhouses. 1.8 times  production capacity (Arch gothic Hous/ isii high spec control)

1-1-3: 100,000 seedling production

1-2: Tomato

1-2-1: Tomato production in a 5,000m2 Gothic house (isii high-spec control)


2: Construction and renovation


2-1: Renovation of 40-year-old carnation greenhouses for tomato and strawberry cultivation (in-house construction, in-house system) 1000m2 x 10 greenhouses


2-2: Strawberry seedling greenhouses                                     

  Renovation of 40-year-old strawberry greenhouses into parent seedling greenhouses 1000m2


2-3: Strawberry Gothic house construction.                                   

1500m2 hanging strawberry house introduced from Spain.


2-4: Tomato Gothic House. 5000m2 tomato house from Spain.


2-5: Introduction of isii system. Introduced Hoogendoolen's system




3: Services





3-1: Contents


3-1-1: Grinarium Awaji shima: 7ha land including 4 contents: Greenarium Restaurant, ICHIGO Picnic, Greenarium BBQ, and Tomato Show House.


3-1-2: Greenarium Restaurant: Specialty of in-house produced tomatoes, strawberries and Awaji shima ingredients. 30 seats inside, 40 seats in  greenhouse, 20 seats at the outdoor counter.


3-1-3: ICHIGO Picnic First strawberry experience.


3-1-4: Greenarium BBQ


3-1-5: Tomato Show House


3-1-6: Greenarium Granary


3-1-7: Mania's Co-branding with Maky's, a chocolate specialty store in Kobe 


3-2: Public Relations In-house media, Instagram, website, in-house production of various advertising materials




3-3-1: Tomato production farm in Kon Tum Province, Vietnam - 3,000m2 start-up project


3-3-2: Tomato farm cultivation and organizational management in Thailand


Future Business Development


1: Creation and expansion of new ICHIGO experiences (in Japan and overseas)


2:Fruit tree cultivation in greenhouses Development of cultivation technology in the fruit tree area


3: Creation and management of GREENARIUM fan club               

  Propose relationships with customers


Farming is not something you take over from family, but something you want to do because you love it.


A new generation will open up a new form of agriculture.

A business that is passionate about delicious, new, interesting, and worthwhile change.

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